World Sedan:Washington DC Limo Service and Rentals

3 3

Experience lavish comfort and luxury. Add a special touch to the occasion. Good for 3 people. Best D.C car rental

6 7

luxurious amenities and powerful engine with strong acceleration. Providing an ultra comfortable, super-smooth travel experience for a group of 6.

7 7

If you a group of six you will experience a smooth, quiet, and extremely comfortable travel with this Suburban.

3 3

A comfortable and powerful vehicle. Ride in style and comfort. good for 3. Best D.C car rental

6 3

Ride in Style and add a special touch to your wedding or party.

10 7

Experience the ultimate luxury and comfort you and your loved ones. Add a special touch to your night out or party.

14 10

Will accommodate a group of 14 people. Conformable and safe ride

24 7

If you are a large group this vehicle will do the job. We will drive your safely where you need to be

59 20

This vehicle will accommodate a group of 50 or more. Will provide a smooth and safe ride.